Friday, August 20, 2010


i think im starting to get this painting on the computer thing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Did this today, drew it yesterday. Now a little playing card magic....

crazy dreams but no illys

I know its long and kudos to you if you read the whole thing. I haven't had this vivid of a dream in a long time.

I was a paramedic student, just working, I had some weird arrangement of clothes, i think i was wearing my airwalks and maybe green socks. We went to the man having trouble breathing but we were in a room with a hospital bed in the middle, the room was set up like a trauma room and the man was just outside on someone else's stretcher. I think i was with Sarah Cullen. We were second on scene and the first crew said oh, he’s breathing but just. I put my hand on his chest to feel it rise and fall and he was taking slow big breaths.

Then for some reason he became a black/mixed younger woman of about 20. and she was waken up, i forget how. She ended up in the room in a chair that looked like a dentists chair. She was sat upright and I said to her that if she passed out again we would have to shove a tube down her throat and she seemed pretty alright. She explained that she had asthma and that there was an albuterol shortage. she also said she was pregnant which didn’t occur to me until then. I asked how many weeks and she said 12 I think. I had stepped back and the other crews were looking into something and pulled out a stocking from her mouth. It was really abnormally long. We all say that she was ok but no one dismissed her so she never got up and left. I was wondering why no one was taking a sign off or even checking her lung sounds, she did have asthma after all.

The room changed into a conference room where we were all sitting at a long table. Moore people were there than before. I forget what they were talking about but a guy who looked like Vince from Strong was in a Metro uniform and talking and I thought that i really liked him. Then i think troy was skyping some one who looked like gundrum but with smaller sharper features. He had left metro and was now in college. We saw this video feed following him around. He was ina stairway but the place was filled with people drinking with a lot of colored lights in a dark room downstairs..

Then the scene changes from the conference room to the stairs. I was still in my paramedic training clothes. A polo and some slacks i think. I was walking to the cafeteria, i was now gundrum or maybe he was there beside me, in any case i had company, it might have been Ian. I was sitting on the floor in rows in a room that sloped downwards, but then i was in a row and everyone was looking at me and this row of others instead of being the back row. Everyone there was a paramedic student. An instructor asked these rich kids who went to a high class school, they were all really pompous and full of themselves, to come to the middle of this circle we had formed and were now standing in. Each group from a different school and formed its own little cluster/group also. So the teacher called them up so they stood in a line making snide remarks. And some how it came to be that the instructor didn’t like them and cut all their fingers off for the cafeteria. then the instructor wanted people to eat them? There was a bunch of food on a long very high table, it might have actually been apart of the wall. We each formed a line and took some food that the instructor had grown himself in his own guard. There were things like onions, small onions, cabbage, sprouts and other things and i think i was just shoving things into my shirt because i was afraid of the instructor. My friend next to me said, just go to back to my room and eat or something, don’t watch, because other people were eating the fingers.

So I walked up this uneven hill but it was inside. and went back to that original room that looked like a hospital trauma suite but those lines of sitting people in rows. I sat down and this is when my presence became omnipotent. I was watching myself be gassed or mind fucked or something but a glowing light was around me then i was asleep with my legs still under me but my body turned to much and sleeping on the ground. The rest of the group had these blue tinted eyes and were all zombie like. At this point they were in buddhist clothes or something cult like and creepy. They started chanting like in indian a jones and the temple of doom and they were singing the song from that movie. I woke up somehow in a cave and there were all these ritual things going on and these giant oil lamps, they were just metal, shallow bowls hung by 3-4 chains attached to the sides of the bowl, with blind folded women in them with their shoulders and heads hanging off the edge. then they lit them all on fire and the sleeping women started screaming. People were running everywhere and i forgot what happened afterwards.