Friday, December 11, 2009

Here they are, my swatches. I took photos and edited so the colors are off. Believe me they are more fabulous and amazing in living color! Boohya! On another note, today I was finally able to stretch (with the help of the lovely Maria Vallase), prime and get a rough sketch onto the 8'x3.6' canvas. Next step is to transport it to Rural metro and set up a quiet, seculded corner free from on lookers and interupters.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old man

Here's an old man i painted in oils a day ago. I'm very pleased with it and hope that this means i will be recovering from my creative slump. On the other hand I now have all 75 different patterns of orange i will be including in my quilt. Honestly i probably spent about $300 on the fabric alone. Ill try to post samples later. As far as my other quilt is going, I'm almost done. All i need to do is figure out how to work the free motion foot on mymachine and bind the thing, here's a pic of the top